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Whitesands Bay near Land's End

Penzance: view to St Michael's Mount

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Journey End!!


Taken in Toronto after our walk


Malham Cove (1/2 way)


About this site

This is the home page to a site about our hobbies and interests. Initially it's about a long walk in 2010 from the bottom of Britain to the top: Land's End in Cornwall to John O'Groat's in Caithness, Scotland. This is often called the LEJOG walk (LE for Land's End and JOG for John O'Groats). It is also known as the End to End walk. Our title is: A Long Walk to the Top Click here to go to the introduction page. 

Update: On 28 February 2014 we started a new, just over 2000 km different UK walk. This started at Lizard Point, the most Southerly point in Britain. From there we walked via: Land's End to Lowestoft. From Lowestoft we walked accross the Midlands to the Dales Way, then through to the Scottish Highlands via the English Lake District, Eskdale and the West Highland Way.

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By the River Garry