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Details of Land's End to Bath Route



Navigation aids

Compass, GPS & mapping app on iphone in a waterproof - shockproof holder. We did prove it!

A4 1:50K strip map n plastic sheet protector. Printed from mapping software on my PC. Lighter and easier to handle than broadsheet paper maps.


We also carried 4 ml to 1" road maps torn out of a Road Atlas to give the bigger context.

To minimize weight carried, we arranged maps (our printouts) to be posted to us at Post Offices (Post Restante) at regular intervals. After use, we threw them away to minimize weight.

South West England regional map. Taken from Open Street Map on my mpping software.


From a navigation point of view; finding an efficient way through the South West is one of the most difficult parts of the whole walk. To make maximum use of National Trails through this section means going a long way round via the South West Coast Path. We opted for the shorter, more direct, though harder to explain and navigate central route.

Be wary of the little 'red dotted lines' on Cornwall OS maps. They may well be rights of way but much of the time there is no path on the ground and in wet weather, as we had, some of these are so muddy as to be virtually impassable. In some cases the 'right of way' was a freshly ploughed and furrowed field.

This page is written to be used as a planning guide. It is written for use with an 1:50K OS map in front of the reader. The place names are the places you can see on your map. If you have not yet purchased either paper or electronic maps, you can follow these details using the Streetmap UK web site (any blue underlined text on this page is a hyperlink). To make it as easy as possible to trace our route on the map I have written very regular place names to enable a 'dot to dot' trace to be done. I have also hyperlinked several place names directly to the UK Streetmap place showing an arrow pointer on the map. When you see a blue underlined place name you can click and go straight to the 1:50K (sometimes 1:25K) map on Streetmap UK. The following abbreviations are used; NCR (National Cycle Route, Direction: N = North, NE = North East, NNE = North North East etc.. Turn R = Turn Right etc.. So ; here we go:

Day 1 - Land's End to Penzance

From Land's End we headed North to NNE along the SW Coast Path towards Sennen Cove. Then the path to Carn Towan, then Escalls. Then follow the track ESE to the A30, walk by it then turn NE along the B3306 to the track to the South (S) of the obvious hill of Carn Brea. A path leading up to the summit of Carn Brea is then followed (very over grown with brambles when we did it). Then down to Carn Tredinney and by the Carn Euny Settlement to the lane running between Grumbla and Sancreed. Turning right East (E) to Sancreed. From Sancreed we followed lanes (as I remember, the 'dotted red lines' indicating paths on the map were very muddy and hardly existed on the ground here). We took lanes through: Sellan, Tremethic Cross then the path down to Rosehill and the YHA at Castle Hornbeck Penzance where we stayed the night. A short and easy day to get us started.

Mapping: As this web site develops I plan to write a page about mapping options. If you don't have detailed maps at this stage, www.streetmap.co.uk provides a great free planning resource giving you online interactive maps in almost every scale. To see the map for the start of day one click: Streetmap link.

Day 2

Monday 22 March  - Penzance to Tregathenan House

From the Penzance YHA we headed E through the town, past the bus station and to the South West Coast path running alongside the sea wall. Then we followed the SW Coast path, passing Cudden Point, to Prussia Cove, leaving the SWC path to turn N through Rosudgeon Common and crossed the A394 at Rosudgeon. The Falmouth Packet Inn at Rosudgeon gave us, two wet and bedraggled hikers, excellent hospitality. We dried out over an excellent lunch.

From Rosudgeon we continued N the E mainly along sealed lanes going through: Millpool, Bosgreege, Godolphin Cross, White Horse and Crown Town to Tregathenan House B&B OS GRID SW654306. Excellent accommodation. 

Day 3

Tuesday 23 March - Tregathenan B&B to Pelean Cross (The day from hell)

What went wrong? Rain, mud, forgot to charge the iphone (with maps and GPS). We had changed our planned route to find available accomodation, so we were off our paper strip map. Therefore, took several wrong turns, then couldn't find a B&B. The description below shows the more direct way and doesn't include our navigation errors. So, this is written like an instruction rather than our own experience.

From the Tregathenan B&B head N over Prospidnick Hill via track and path to the next lane, then turn right (E) to the Standing Stone, then follow the path NE to the next sealed lane going NNE to the junction just below Releath. Then follow lanes ENE via Lezerea, Porkellis, Halwin and Carnkie to the junction marked (elevation) 178 on the OS map. Then turn (first) N through Tregolls and Stithians then over Tubbon Hill and on to the junction with the A393 at Pelean Cross (the name Pelean Cross does not appear on the 1:50K map but is on the 1:25K OS map.

This is where our day 3 walk ended. Wet, tired, discouraged and fearful, having failed to find a B&B, the appearance of a Truro bus stopping right in front of us was too much to resist. The bus took us to Truro where we found accommodation. We returned to the same spot by bus on day 4 to complete the short walk to Truro where we stayed a second night. There does appear to be B&B accommodation at Perranwell, it would be wise to check and book this in advance, which we should have done.

Day 4

Wednesday 24 March - Pelean Cross to Truro (Semi rest day)

From the A393 junction at Pelean Cross we continued E along the lane going just below Pellynwartha and on through Perranwell and Perranwell Station. Continuing on just below the Tumulus, across the Carnon River to Carnon Downs. Then we turned right (East) to follow the cycle way across the A39 trunk road. Immediately after crossing the A39 we turned N following the cycle way parallel to the A39 to Playing Place. Then staying on the lane NE to go directly to Calenick to join the cycle way again. Look for a track (unsealed if I remember correctly) turning off the lane, initially NNW which we followed until reaching the lane entering Truro by the County Hall.

Day 5

Thursday 25 March - Truro to Indian Queens

Leaving Truro almost directly N we followed NCR 32 by the River Allen to Idless. Just after Idless at St Clements Wood (also called Idless Wood) we took the track along the E perimeter of the wood, following this path until we reached the sealed lane and turned R and continuing through or byTreworgan, St Erme, Hay Fm and Boswiddle. Then we followed lanes N via Landrine to Mitchell  At Mitchell we crossed the A30 then turned R (E) along the lane to Pencorse Manor St Enoder, Penhale, Fraddon to Indian Queens.   

Day 6

Friday 26 March - Indian Queens to St Breward 

Continuing on the lane parallel to the A30 through Indian Queens, Toldish, by the Owl Sanctuary, Royalton, then bending N through Castle Farm. The lane has now changed to a track then to a path. We continued on to elevation 139, the turned N along the B3274 to Tregonetha. From Tregonetha we followed a path through to St Wenn, then a lane to Treliver, then turning N then E through Tregolls, Tregustick and Tregawne. From there; Rutherbridge, Crosslane, Threewaters and through Nanstallon to Boscarne Junction where we joined the Camel Trail. We followed the Camel Trail up to Merry Meeting, the followed NCR 3 along lanes to St Breward.

Day 7

Saturday 27 March - St Breward to Five Lanes via Brown Willy

Some notes before giving directions: On this day we went over Brown Willy. A farmer in this area warned us that it was dangerous to go to Brown Willy summit in the fog. Luckily, the mist cleared before we got close to the ascent. Finding an alternative rout would be difficult, a backup plan might be wise but we didn't have one. Both the 1:50K or 1:25K maps show the path ending just North of Butters Tor. In reality, a path continues and goes past Brownwilly Downs and close to the ridge up to and past the summit. From the summit we followed the descriptions given by Andrew McLoy and Mark Moxon. This took us about 1/2 mile N of the summit just before Maiden Tor to the wall/fence, then turned SSE and followed the wall. This means almost a double back in direction. In hindsight; it may be possible to shortcut more or less directly to the East from the summit. It might be that the ground directly East of Brown Willy summit is too boggy? I don't know. 

From St Breward: Leaving our B&B (just S of the PO) We followed the NCR to Lady Down. Then turn left ENE along the sealed lane then NE along the track past Penwood Ho and (becoming a path) Hut Circles, King Arthur's Hall, Garrow Tor. Crossing the River (hard to spot) passed the N side of Garrow Tor. This is where the path disappears from the map (even the 1:25K map). No directions are needed, we could see the path crossing the river and up the hill over Brownwilly Downs and on over the summit of Brown Willy. If you don't have a 1:25K map of this area click the link to www.streetmap.co.uk in this area. The arrow shows the approximate point at the fence line to turn SSE following the fence and wall along to Long Cairn (only marked on 1:25K map). From here we headed uphill over Tolborough Tor. After reaching the top we looked for the fence line and track going past Tober Barton. We then took the first track going left NE to the next track, then path, going N past Codda and Black Rock, taking the right fork to Westmoorgate and the lane down to Five Lanes. Our accommodation was at Tregrenna about another 1/2 mile walk to, and back from the next day.

Days 8 and 9

Sunday 28 March - Five Lanes to Launceston

From the centre of Five Lanes we took the lane going roughly NE to Trerithick, then the path N to just before Trethinna. We then followed lanes going through: Trethinna, Trewen, and Pipers Pool. From Pipers Pool the lane goes N then turns E to follow above the river then with the Steam Railway on the opposite side of the river all the way to Launceston. We stayed 2 nights in Launceston at Rose Cottage B&B.

Day 10

Tuesday 30 March - Launceston to Bridestowe (Day 9 was a rest day)

For a short distance we followed the A388 N and NE to the first lane right (E to ESE) following the River Tamar. This lane soon becomes the Two Castles Trail all the way to Bridestowe. Easy!

Day 11

Wednesday 31 March - Bridestowe to Okehampton

Initially, we followed the Two Castles Trail leaving Bridestowe. However, instead of leaving the lane to follow the path in the direction of Sourton, we continued (taking the bend to the right, SE) along the lane and NCR 27. After crossing the A386 we continued E to the disused railway line turning N along it, rejoining the Two Castles Way just passed Meldon and following it into Okehampton.

If the reader has been following this log and using the hyperlinks, you will have had a chance to get familiar with the streetmap site and: the use of the zoom control, the search facility and how to scroll around by left clicking and dragging with the mouse. Also, the most difficult navigation is done now. So, fewer hyperlinks to http://www.streetmap.co.uk/ will be given from here on.

Day 12

Thursday 1 April - Okehampton to Crediton

We left Okehampton via the Dartmoor Way; through Belstone, Belstone Cleave, Stickleback and South Tawton. Turing N at South Tawton we followed the lane across the A30. Immediately after crossing the A30 we took the first lane right, going E almost parallel to the A30  Following the lane through: Spitlar Cross, West Nymph, Langdown, Cullaford, Dragdown Hill and Spreyton. Continuing E to Binneford, Newberry and following the direction of the River Troney. Crossing the river and railway just N of Yeoford. Now continuing E following the N side of the River Yeo through Neopardy, we passed Stairhill Farm, then taking the path through Denbury Fm  to Beare. Turning S along the lane to cross the railway at the LC. Then we went along the path between the river and the rail line.  We crossed the railway line to get to our B&B just to the right of the word Park on the OS map.  This is about mid way between the LC at Beare and Fordton Mill.

Day 13

Friday 2 April - Crediton to Bickley Mill

From our B&B just S of Crediton we took the path by the railway line to the LC near the station by Fordton Mill we went N, first along the lane, then the A377, then the A3072, then took the path ENE through the Leisure Centre to the lane to Shobrooke. We then followed the lanes through Shobrooke, West Raddon, Raddon Court and Thorverton. Just after passing Thorverton we followed the Exe Valley Way to Bickley Mill.

Our B&B host picked us up at Bickley Mill and dropped us back the next morning.

Day 14

3 April - Bickley Mill to Wellington

From Bickley Mill we continued NNE along the Exe Valley Way to Tiverton. From Tiverton we picked up the National Cycle Rout 3 (NCR 3) heading E parallel to the Great Western Canal on the N side of the Canal all the way to Greenham Weir. We then turned E following lanes to Beam Bridge where we joined the A38. Walking E along the A38 (there is enough pedestrian space to be safe) for a short distance to the lane before the roundabout heading NW. Our B&B, Backways Farm is on this lane, just W of Perry Elm.


Day 15

Sunday 4 April - Wellington to Burrowbridge

From our B&B we continued on the track which became a path, NW to cross the railway and stream to the T junction with another track. Turning R (NE) to Westford, then N along lanes to Tonedale we picked up the West Deane Way going E and NE. We followed this into Taunton then joined the cycle way along the Bridgewater and Taunton Canal through: Screech St Michael to Charlton. At Charlton we joined the path (roughly E) along the River Tone through Knapp Br, New Br, Hook Br and Athelney to Burrowbridge. We stayed at the pub in Burrowbridge.

Day 16

Monday 5 April - Burrowbridge to Dulcote

We left Burrowbridge taking the trail in a SE direction towards Stathe, turning E along the lane leaving the trail. At the N edge of Stathe we turned N following the path through Pathe then the lane to Othery.

At Othery we followed the A361 N through Greylake then across Greylake Bridge to just before Greinton where we followed the lane up to the Samaritans Way South West. At Walton Hill we diverted from the Samaritans Way and headed N by the lane to Walton (in search of food at the PH). From Walton we followed the A39, making use of the pedestrian pavement, then National Cycle Rout (NCR) 3 through Street and past Glastonbury and across Hartlake Br . From Hartlake Br we stayed on NCR3 turning ENE along the very straight lane to Launcherley across Queen's Sedge Moor, and on to Dulcote, leaving NCR 3 to go to the main street of Dulcote for our B&B

Day 17

Tuesday 6 April - Dulcote to Camerton

From the B3139 we took the path heading E to Dinder from the North edge of Dulcote. Soon the path joined a lane which we followed NE through: Dinder, by Crapnell Fm, to the T junction near a dismantled railway. We turned NNE along the lane to the next T junction by Maesbury Castle. Taking the path NE past the castle to the B3135. Crossing the B3135 to head N then NE along lanes to Gurney Slade. Then we took lanes trending NE, then NNE going by: Blacker's Hill and Downside to Chilcompton. From Chilcompton we headed N to NNE to Midsomer Norton. We made our way to the NE part of Midsomer Norton and took paths NE to Clandown, then lanes to Camerton Fm, then Camerton to our B&B.

Day 18 and 19

Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 April - Camerton to Bath and rest day in Bath

From Camerton we made our way to the Limestone Link trail following it in a roughly ENE direction until the path forks near Southstoke. We then followed the path to Southstoke then continued N down the lane through the Bloomfield area of Bath and joined the A367. Our B&B was a short way along the A367 from here. Good spot for a rest day with reasonably priced B&B's within easy walking distance of central Bath. The next day was spent doing 'tourist things' in central Bath.