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Whitesand Bay



Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal

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"When we retire... what if we walked from Land's End to John O'Groat's?" Yes!!!

  • The answer required no hesitation, this was a question I never expected Lynne to ask. Some of our friends thought this was a great idea, other comments were: "Can't you afford to hire a car?" or "Can't you get a coach tour?". So, why did we want to walk this long way from bottom west to top east?

  • We are egotistical and wanted something to brag about. Am I joking? How honest must I be?

  • Wanted to start retirement with a 'bang', something special to plan do and remember. It was!

  • Good to get fit (and lose a little weight).

  • Looked forward to moving through Britain slowly. To quote Daryl May experience 'British life at street level'. Link to Daryl May site.

  • What better way to spend 11 or so weeks walking through the countryside, staying at B&B's and meeting interesting people?

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Aproaching Tewkesbury

A friendly Robin on the Pennine Way

Actual distance about 1,690 km