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Inverness to John O'Groat's

Into the Pennine Way - looking down Jacob's Ladder


Near Jedburgh - very lush country




Near Edale

Jacob's Ladder from another angle

Calderdale from Stoodley Pike

Near Angram

Desolate beauty!

High Force from the top.

Rare form of Gentian violet

A tranquil rest in Teesdale.

Viaduct near Lambley

Overview Edale to Jedburgh

This section is relatively simple; for the most part it follows the Pennine Way with some variations as follows:

  • Edale to Hebden Bridge - Pennine Way

  • Hebden Bridge to Walshaw Green Reservoir (click hyperlinked placename to go to map site) - we followed the path by Hebden Water crossing the river by the Mill near Hardcastle Crags, then branched off to the village of Walshaw, then the path over Dean Gate to Walshaw Green Reservoir to rejoin the Pennine Way to Thwaite.

  • Thwaite to Keld - we took paths on the West side of Kisdon Hill mostly following the stream (see Streetmap link)

  • After following the Pennine Way from Keld to just short of Langdon Beck, we followed paths and lanes via Langdon Beck then roughly North North East to Garrigill to rejoin the Pennine Way to Alston.

  • From Alston to Haltwhistle we followed the South Tyne Trail, initially alongside the South Tyne Railway line then continuing along a dismantled railway. Then we followed paths to Twice Brewed and Once Brewed and rejoined the Pennine Way at Hadrian's Wall near Once Brewed.

  • From Hadrian's Wall we stayed on the Pennine Way until we reached the Scottish border and Dere Street near Black Halls in the Cheviots. There is a very clear sign at this point, see photo montage below and Streetmap link. We followed Dere Street most of the way to Jedburgh, taking the obvious lanes when we got near. To move to the next section click; walking from Jedburgh to Edinburgh. 

Assorted portrait format photos

Stoodley Pike

Near Keld

River Tees

High Force

Pictures below (in order) taken between Once Brewed and Jedburgh.

At Torside

Blackstone Edge over Hollinworth Lake.

Ponden Reservoir

Malham Cove

Thwaite Nth Yorks.

Near Angram

Tan Hill Inn the highest pub in England

God's Bridge

Hadrian's Wall